Ordination Sermon: Biblical Models for a Deacon

2008-10-05 by East Highland Baptist Church

Brother Wally uses the scripture Acts 13:1-3. The points of the message are:
The Scepter Passed from Saul to David (2 Sam 2:4, 5:3-5)
The Robe Passed from Elijah to Elisha (2 Kings 2:7-14)
The Spirit Passed from Jesus to His Followers

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Lord's Supper Sermon: Jesus - The Bread of Life

2008-10-05 by East Highland Baptist Church

Brother Wally’s morning message uses the scripture John 6:35, 53-58. The points of the message are:
Jesus is the Source of Life (v. 51)
Jesus is the Sustainer of Life (v. 57)
Jesus gives Satisfaction in Life (v. 35)

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The Giant David Couldn't Kill

2008-10-01 by East Highland Baptist Church

Dr. Donnell Brown used Scripture: II Samuel 21:15-22

David is famous for the giant he killed in I Samuel 17 (Goliath). But there as a giant he could not kill in II Samuel 21:16. His name was IshbiBenob. Some things to know about giants: (1) they carry heavy swords; they were 8 pounds (II Samuel 21:15); (2) they carry new swords; (3) giants are big; and (4) giants keep on coming. Servants of God who fight giants (1) sometimes grow weary; (2) sometimes get knocked down by giants; (3) sometimes need each other to kill giants; and (4) sometimes forget how they killed all those other giants—in the power of God’s spirit and not in the energy of the flesh.

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